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One-to-one deep dive

Unlock the power of behavioural science to tackle the challenges you face within your organisation today.

The deep dive covers the following over two coaching sessions, 

  • Improve your services to deliver better outcomes

  • Plan and deliver better behaviour change campaigns

  • Learn about behaviour change principles

  • Confidently apply behaviour change techniques.

Tackle the challenges you face today,

  • Help drive up recycling rates and tackle littering

  • Take action on climate change

  • Help people make healthier life choices

  • Improve health inequalities and increase life expectancy

  • Help people manage debt and save more

  • Encourage residents to move online or choose your channels of choice. 

Who is this for?
The one-to-one deep dive with Behaviour Change Network Founder – Dominic Ridley-Moy – is specifically tailored for those working in public sector roles from a recycling manager to a head of communications, an internal communications lead, a public health lead, a climate change manager or a compliance manager.

Communications leads, service leads, policy officers, managers, heads of department or directors are welcome to attend.

As long as you work in a role where you want to change behaviour, the behaviour change deep dive can help you.


Book a FREE 15-minute Teams chat to see
if the deep dive is right for you.Or get in
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About the deep dive

Session 1: The Science behind Behaviour Change
Duration: 1.5 hours of one-to-one coaching


  • Gain a solid foundation in behavioural science.

  • Understand the science behind decision-making processes.

  • Explore various behaviour change models and frameworks.

  • Familiarise yourself with the language of behavioural science.

Session 2: Behavioural Science Tools
Duration: 1.5 hours of personal coaching


  • Apply my Behaviour, Examine, Solve, Test Framework (see below)

  • Learn how to initiate your own behavioural science project.

  • Practice implementing the techniques.

  • Learn how to evaluate behaviour change interventions.

Report with recommendations
You will also receive a follow-up slide deck report with recommendations and interventions based on behavioural insights. 

Cost £700 + VAT


What you get

  • FREE 15-minute Teams chat to find out more about the coaching sessions. No obligation to book. 

  • Session 1: The Science Behind Behaviour Change,

    • 1.5 hours, one-to-one session

  • Session 2: Behavioural Science Tools, Applying the Theory.

    •  1.5 hours, one-to-one session

  • PowerPoint recommendations.


   £700 + VAT



Behaviour: identify the behavioural objective(s) for your campaign or intervention: What is it that you would like people to do differently?



Examine the issues further: What are the barriers; situational, knowledge, attitudinal and behavioural barriers that prevent people from changing, stopping or starting something they do?



Solve the problem(s): Identify solutions, using the EAST and COM-B models, that tackle the barriers to change, and are segmented by behaviour, leading to more successful outcomes.



Test whether your interventions work, against a control, using tools like surveys, focus groups and observational methods.

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