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Behaviour change campaigns

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People do irrational things 
We help you plan and deliver better communications that deliver real change. People don’t always do what you expect, so we work with you to deliver creative solutions, where your audiences take notice and ultimately make better choices.

We can help
Whether you need help planning and developing behaviour change campaigns through to delivering campaign activity we can help with our one-stop solution to your needs, from interim support through to project work.






















Services include:


  • Surveys

  • Resident focus groups

  • Internal workshops


  • Strategy development

  • Service reviews and audits

Campaign development and management

  • Campaign planning, execution and delivery

  • Media Relations

  • Videography support

  • Online advertising

  • Design

Online and mailings

Behavioural framework
We use our very own behavioural framework to plan behaviour change activity:



Identify and help you set objectives to shift behaviours based on quantitative, qualitative and observational analysis.



Examine barriers to behaviour change through desktop reviews – that draw on cutting-edge behavioural science - as well as running internal and external workshops to uncover what’s preventing people from doing the right thing.



Provide you with solutions based on the COM-B (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation and Behaviour) and EAST (Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely) behavioural frameworks, using choice architecture principles mapped against knowledge and awareness, environmental factors, motivation and attitudes.



Test and evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions to ensure they make a difference to the behaviours you want to shift.

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