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We work with you to deliver behaviour change strategies, campaigns, projects, consultancy. We also offer workshops, in-person or remotely.

Our core specialist areas are:


I work with you to measure behaviour change campaigns and interventions, from start to finish, so that they achieve real outcomes.

​Whether that's through surveys, focus groups, observational methods and more we tailor solutions to meet your needs.


I can help bring predictability to what appears to be unpredictable human behaviour.

I'll work with you to identify objectives and look at behavioural barriers that need to be addressed to achieve change.


By applying behavioural frameworks, like my very own BEST Model, I can help your audiences to achieve the desired behaviour change. 

Whether that's starting a new behaviour, stopping a harmful one, continuing with an existing change or preventing someone take up a harmful behaviour I can help you.


What to learn all about the principles of behaviour change and how you can apply them to your work?

Book onto a course, or get in touch about a bespoke online or face-to-face session.


Whether you need support designing behaviour change campaigns or interventions, or someone to run them, get in touch for a chat.

You may be looking to solve a behavioural problem, run a campaign or need some advice. 

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