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BEST Behavioural framework

Every day we make 35,000 decisions. Yet our brain isn’t built for the world of today, where we are bombarded with social media, websites, emails, texts, appointment calendars and more.

Many decisions we make lead to outcomes we don’t want, as individuals and across society, we often make poor decisions, whether that’s about health, saving money, what we buy and much more.

To help people make better choices, we work with you, along with trusted partner organisations, to deliver campaigns through our BEST behavioural framework;



Behaviour: identify the behavioural objective(s) for your campaign or intervention: What is it that you would like people to do differently?



Examine the issues further: What are the barriers; situational, knowledge, attitudinal and behavioural barriers that prevent people from changing, stopping or starting something they do?



Solve the problem(s): Identify solutions, using the EAST and COM-B models, that tackle the barriers to change, and are segmented by behaviour, leading to more successful outcomes.



Test whether your interventions work, against a control, using tools like surveys, focus groups and observational methods.

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