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Apply behaviour change principles to your campaigns - the COM-B model explained

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

This webinar introduces communications professionals to the COM-B framework and how you can apply it to your work; delivering campaigns that have real impact.

It explores knowledge, awareness, motivation, habits and how the environment affects human decision-making. The COM-B model, developed by Michie, S., Van Stralen, M. M., & West, R. in 2011, looks at

Capability Does your audience have...

  • The right knowledge and skills?

  • Know how to do it?

  • The physical and mental ability to carry out the behaviour?

Opportunity Does your audience have...

  • The right resources?

  • The right environment around them?

  • The right people to help them make the right choice?


Does your audience...

  • Want to carry out the behaviour?

  • Believe they can should make the choice you're looking to shift?

  • Have the right habits in place?

COM B webinar
Download PDF • 2.30MB

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