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Public health behaviour change webinar

>>> Public health behaviour change masterclass | Friday 21 and 28 April | £699 per person Suitable for health communications professionals and public health practitioners - how can behavioural insights be applied in the real world to tackle health inequalities and increase life expectancy? Book a place. Any questions about the course, book a zoom chat.

Webinar recording - Friday 2 March 2023

Watch our recent webinar to find out how behavioural insights can help tackle many of the challenges facing communicators and practitioners working in NHS or public health roles.

  • How is behaviour change theory being applied in the real world to tackle health inequalities and increase life expectancy?

  • How can behavioural frameworks help solve these challenges?

  • How do you measure behaviour change to ensure you have had real impact?

Everything from encouraging people to make healthier life choices (around smoking, alcohol, exercise and diet), to preventing diseases like diabetes and cancer, as well as helping with mental health and well-being are all areas where behaviour change theory can help and be applied to your work.

Events speakers,

Dominic Ridley-Moy FCIPR, ChartPR, DipCIPR, founder of the Behaviour Change Network will talk about how behavioural frameworks can help encourage people to make better choices.

Doctor Lucy Mersh is a clinical psychologist with a background in complex mental health problems and behaviour change interventions. She will run through examples of how psychology can help shift behaviours.

John-Paul Danon, Campaigns Specialist from the Council Advertising Network will talk about public health campaigns, with an emphasis on how you can deliver and measure campaigns that have real impact.

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