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Unlocking the Power of the COM-B Behavior Framework for Communications Professionals

Updated: Jan 11

This post has been written by the Chatsonic chatbot (hence the American spelling of behavior) - like ChatGPT but with superpowers apparently, according to their website. The blog is surprisingly good... and tailored to communications professionals. I have only changed a few glaring errors, like who developed it and the bit about motivation.

Behaviour Change masterclass: if you would like to go on a course run by a human, to find out more about all things behaviour change, my next masterclass starts in March.

Blog post - all from the AI chatbot

As a communications professional, it is essential to stay apprised of the latest strategies and techniques to effectively interact with your target audience. One important tool that should be in every communications professional’s toolkit is the Com-B (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation, and Behavior) Behavior Framework. This framework provides an excellent way to identify, understand, and change behaviors. This blog post examines the components of the Com-B Behavior Framework, the prerequisites for changing a behavior, and how to incorporate it into your communications strategy.

Introduction to the Com-B Behavior Framework

The Com-B Behavior Framework is a tool for behavior change developed Susan Michie, professor of health psychology, at University College London, along with a number of colleagues.

It is based on the idea that behavior is determined by a combination of factors, including a person’s capability, opportunity, motivation, and behavior. The framework is designed to help individuals identify and address the factors that influence behavior in order to change it.

The Com-B Behavior Framework has been used to support a wide range of behavior change initiatives in a variety of settings, including health and social care, education, and the workplace. As a communications professional, you can use the Com-B Behavior Framework to better understand the behavior of your target audience and create effective messages that will lead to behavior change.

What is the Com-B Behavior Framework?

The Com-B Behavior Framework consists of four components: capability, opportunity, motivation, and behavior (Com-B). These components are interrelated and work together to influence behavior.

Capability refers to a person’s physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities. It is the foundation for behavior and includes things like physical strength, intellectual capacity, and emotional intelligence.

Opportunity refers to the resources, environment, and social context that enable or constrain behavior. This includes things like access to resources, safety, and cultural norms.

Motivation refers to the internal drive that motivates behavior. This includes whether people want to carry out the behavior, believe that they should do it and have the r